Dr. Vincent Santoro, MD is a board-certified orthopedic physician and surgeon with 20 years of experience treating sports injuries to the shoulder and knee using cutting edge, minimally invasive surgical treatments as well as the use of allied professionals, physical and massage therapy, physiatry and chiropractic care. Throughout his career he has served as the team doctor for various high school and club sports teams on the Greater Seattle and Eastside areas. He also cares for arthritis with State of the Art joint replacement techniques including unicompartmental knee replacement as well as caring for general orthopedics problems and fractures in kids to adults.

When injury strikes, your quality of life suffers. My goal is to provide you with an individualized, interactive treatment plan that allows you to return to your desired activity as quickly and safely as possible. Efficient healing with efficient treatment! I want to get you BACK in the game!


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