Customized Total Knee Implants

Are you considering total knee replacement?  If so, you should check out the new ConforMIS knee implant that is customized to the size and shape of your knee.

I’m the only surgeon currently offering the ConforMIS implant in Washington state, and patients rave about the results.

What makes the ConforMIS implant a better option?  It’s the first knee implant custom designed to fit your knee.

Knees vary in size and shape. Even your own two knees are different. Because the off-the-shelf implants used in traditional knee replacement aren’t designed to your specific anatomy, surgeons often have to compromise on implant fit, rotation and alignment. These compromises can cause pain or discomfort after surgery.

But the ConforMIS knee is built to fit the specific anatomy of your knee.

ConforMIS iFit® image-to-implant® technology converts a CT scan of your knee into a 3D model and then designs an implant that’s unique to you. This fully automated process ensures that your implant is made for your knee, and only your knee.

This offers several advantages that aren’t possible with an off-the-shelf knee implant, including:

  • Individualized fit that virtually eliminates sizing compromises common with off-the shelf implants and often associated with pain after surgery
  • Designed to follow the shape and contour of each patient’s knee, which provides an increased potential for a more natural feeling knee
  • Maintains the patient’s natural joint lines to avoid instability, a common cause of of patient dissatisfaction

By restoring the natural shape of your knee rather than replacing it with the standardized geometry of off-the-shelf implants, your knee may feel more like your natural knee.


Learn More about the ConforMIS Knee Implant

These resources will provide more information about the benefits of the customized ConforMIS knee implant.

Conformis Personalized Total Knee Implants

ConforMIS Knee Implant brochure (English)

ConforMIS Knee Implant brochure (Spanish)

Hear from ConforMIS Knee Implant Patients



Rihanna Ryer, a patient of Dr. Santoro, is back to teaching yoga, Pilates and spin classes without pain after getting her knee replaced by a ConforMIS knee implant.



Harald is a ski instructor and retired professional skier who was back on the slopes three months after having his knee replaced by a ConforMIS knee implant in 2015.



Molly was a collegiate gymnast who had 14 procedures on her knee before getting it replaced by a ConforMIS knee implant. Today, Molly is a competitive salsa dancer.


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If you’re interested in the ConforMIS customized total knee implant, call our office at 425.899.4810 and make an appointment.


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