A Progressive Approach

To facilitate efficient recovery for recreational athletes, we routinely use physical therapy, massage and refer patients for alternative treatments such as acupuncture. I recommend repair surgically only when conservative management fails to meet your objectives. And to restore your motion and function, we like to keep you moving. Rehabilitation emphasizes early range of motion exercises to mitigate atrophy and disuse. For shoulder repair in particular, we encourages early use of the hand and elbow and try to avoid slings.

Pain or Injury?

After a crash, slip or through just plain overuse, many of my patients insist on playing through pain. I believe its OK to play HURT, but NOT INJURED. However, I am a surgeon after all, and if your anatomy has been disrupted, it needs repair if you truly want to continue indulging in your passion at the level you are accustomed. Dr. Santoro will enable you to get back in the game, and achieve your goals.

Physical Therapy

We strongly believe in the benefit of physical therapy for our patients. We know it is important for fast and complete recovery from surgery or an injury. We have worked closely with physical therapists to create our post operative protocols. A physical therapist is the professional best trained to guide you through post operative rehabilitation. We have taken care to create relationships with physical therapists who share our philosophy of patient centered care and a commitment to excellence.

Our recommended physical therapists have extensive training and the skills to assess a multitude of factors related to your injury and recovery. A physical therapist evaluates the musculoskeletal system as a whole and addresses all components of a dysfunction. These components include: soft tissue (quality of muscle, tendon, and ligaments/joint capsules) , bones and how they function as joints (position as well as mobility) and the nervous system (the connections that make the muscles act as they do, as well as cause pain). Physical therapists assess movement patterns, strength, nerve mobility, joint mobility, soft tissue quality, and posture, to obtain a working diagnosis of your musculoskeletal system. A combination of hands-on care and exercise prescription will restore efficiency to the body and therefore eliminate pain and return normal function.


Exercises for Impingement:

For more advanced workouts after clearance by surgeon:

For pitchers preseason and rehab:

Link to the PDF: The Thrower’s Ten Program


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